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Working in partnership with mothers, fathers and carers.

Parents are children's first and most enduring educators

By sharing information about their children's interests, strengths and needs parents help us to plan experiences and activities that will capture children’s interests and fire their imaginations and enthusiasm. Parents also benefit from being informed about the ways in which children learn, think about, and represent their thoughts and ideas. This puts them in a better position to support the continuity and progression of their child’s learning and development between home and early years setting.

In this section you will find

  • notes from a workshop for parents on children’s problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
  • a document created in Publisher that was made to hand to parents to support ideas of how children are learning and developing PSRN in their homes and the world around them
  • an example letter that was given to parents following on from sharing observations of their children’s learning and inviting parents to contribute
  • notes and photographs recorded by a parent as she heard about how chiildren learn and develop mathematical thinking and became increasingly enthused and aware of her child’s learning
  • resources for a home-setting project 'Maths on the back' based on the same idea as Story sacks.
Please download these resources and adapt them for use in your own settings.

All our materials are freely available for your own use within your setting and for lecturers and advisors to use within their own training and establishments provided full acknowledgement of our materials is made. We do ask that you kindly respect our ownership and copyright of the materials and that they are not reproduced or published in any form elsewhere.

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