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Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy through cooking

To support children's development towards mark making.

Attached below are some quick print recipe cards. Download them and use them in your own settings. Use some of the following ideas to encourage children's mark making.

  • Recipe up on wall, A4 size, with pictures and numbered ingredients, so children can read it themselves.
  • Adults can write/draw/tally extra information on recipe sheet, as children suggest/problem solve/watch.
  • Clip boards, pencils and pens.  Children can be invited to record 'how many', etc, to show other children how to make this recipe.
  • Adults may add number cards and show fingers, for amounts, to reinforce learning through visual and touch senses.
  • Digital scales for children to see numbers on, can be invited to note down on clip boards.
  • Recipe sheet brought to group times later, so 'cooks' can recall how, what and amounts put in so that their friends can make the recipe too.  Marks from their own clips boards could be used too.

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