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Linking schema

Geoff's Linking schema

A parent had heard about schemas during a parents' evening. This parent also heard about children's mathematical development on another evening and was fascinated watching her first child's emergent mathematical thinking. By the time her son came to the nursery she identified his linking schema as his preferred way of investigating and exploring and connected this with observing his emerging maths.

These photographs show Geoff's connecting schema and his underlying learning of shape, space, weights and motion through pulleys, a tractor linked with a Jeep and then a horse box, a yo-yo, a skipping rope attached to a door handle and so on. Geoff's mother comments "He basically uses whatever he can find around the house".


Geoff joined the bungy elastic onto the door from a piece of furniture.  He also added a bracelet and a coat hanger to see how quickly they slid. 


Geoff was playing with the Brio construction set when he declared that he wanted to "match Chloe".   He joined several lengths together and then tested them against her height.  He then added some more parts when he discovered that it was not long enough and re-measured until he was satisfied.