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A letter to parents

We share learning with parents in many ways. The following is a letter that was sent out. Have a look at the next page for an example of a parents observation of her child's learning.

Dear Parent,

We hope you enjoy reading the observations we have made of your children's play. We use these observations to help us plan activities for the children that will develop their individual interests and their practical skills and knowledge.

Please do not be concerned if your child's sheets have areas where we have not yet logged an observation. This does not mean that your child is not progressing or interested in that area of the curriculum. By the time your child goes into Reception at Primary School they will have a spread of individual observations across the six Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, reflecting their interests and achievements.

The children's Special Books will be sent home with them next Friday 14th July. Please enjoy sharing the book with your child and feel free to add to it with pictures or photographs of the experiences the children have had over the Summer. It would be lovely to share these in Nursery when it begins again in September.

We hope you have a very enjoyable Summer break.