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Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy (PSRN)

Welcome to our website where we share our learning about developing children's mathematical graphics in the Early Years.

Visit the About section to find out all about our learning network and how it has led to the development of this site.

Do you need help planning PSRN in the Early Years and in particular, developing children's mathematical mark making?

The Resources section is full of training and support materials that we have developed during our project and are available for use in your own settings.

The section on Observations is broadly categorised into PSRN Aspects and developmental bands. These observations helped to inform and develop our practice throughout our project and have been added here to show the basis of our work and to stimulate professional discussion.

The Gallery includes an 'at a glance' look at our learning environments and how PSRN opportunities have been built in both indoors and out.

We hope the continuing development of this website will make a useful national resource for promoting Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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Notes on the learning environment

The Learning Environment The way in which we set up the learning environment gives strong messages to children about the sorts of experiences that will be encouraged and valued there. It can...
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Observations The following observations capture children's mathematical development and in particular can sit under the broad heading of "Calculating". The observations have been divided into...
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